Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Upcoming Journeys :D

hi to all readers :D
back to me here,

another Cardfight!! Vanguard post that is of no importance..

so there will be a tournament coming soon
if you're live in Indonesia near Jakarta or so,
please feel free to join :)

of course i'm coming to this event too :D
time to get my Moons beat the city

deckbuilds will be posted around Sunday :)

see you guys soon!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Comeback of the GODS!! nah, JK just newbies :D

hey there, back with me here,

first of all sry for my stupid name here, bcause it's my old account and i'm too lazy to sign up a new account,

maybe later i'll try to change it later somehow..

yeah so back with me,
(not) known as Joey, or Jouya
after about 1 years++ of hiatus of writing in this blog with my blog (and real world)mates
will now posting a new and personal view on ongoing Card Games.

since i've played Yugioh, Pokemon, WoW, MTG, Weiss Schwarz, CF-Vanguard! and maybe some more TCG,
so i'm basically experienced with some unique tactics and deckbuildings
despite of netdecking and uber decks or top tier decks,
i build my own decks which is to me, fun to play

because of my personal mindset,
i'm now focusing on CF-Vanguard TCG :D
thus 80% of my posts will concerning about this TCG.
of course it's still possible if i post about another TCG as well,
but i don't think i can do any TCG better than VG lol.
although i'm still noob at VG too lol.

enough with the late intro,
my opening posts is this :

Cardfight!! Vanguard!!

the introductions
The Pale Moon are a clan from the Dark Zone nation which consists nearly entirely of circus-themed Units. Like the Dark Irregulars, many of its Units' skills involves Soulcharging, but for a different purpose; instead of Soulcharging to use Soul Blast abilities or to power themselves up, they Soulcharge to later switch places with a Unit inside the player's Soul, allowing more than 3 attacks in one turn.

credit :

basically and ironically,
there is more than 3 ways of playing Pale Moon decks.
and Pale Moon is very stabilized with the better effects of soulcharging than Dark Irregulars,
i can say that almost 70% of all clans can be mixed with Pale Moon,
but i can't say that it will be good enough lol.

so i'll post my currently #3 Pale Moon Deck Prototype

let's call it.. anything u want..

Pale Dragons :

Grade 3
2x Darkness Magician, Robert
2x Blazing Flare Dragon
2x Vortex Dragon

Grade 2
4x Elephant Juggler
4x Nitro Juggler
3x Hungry Pierrot
2x High-Speed Blacky

Grade 1
4x Darkmetal Bicorn
4x Skullcap Marionette
3x Skull Juggler
2x Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
1x Dragon Monk Kinnara (not sure with the name lol)

Grade 0
1x Underworld Manager (SV)
3x Dynamite Juggler
4x Spiral Master
3x Rainbow Magician
2x Blue-ray Dracokid
1x Funny Pierot
1x Dragondancer Monica
1x Gatling Claw Dragon
1x Tahr

as i mentioned above,
this deck is still a prototype,
the main idea of this deck is stated by Rauzes-Sama
which is an Amon Flare deck that he posted in his blog.

Amon Flare strat is to use amon in vg circle, while blazing flare in rg circle
Amon to use his counterblast effect, and thus pumping blazing flare attack.

and in this deck, i use different strat, although it's still currently the same tactics,
to boost BFD's attack.

start the game by soulcharging with everything you have,
until you ride a grade 3,
in case, it better be Robert or Vortex Dragon, since we will be needing BFDs in RG circle.
in my build it should be 3 vortex and 3 BFD, but i don't have enough BFD LOL :P

estimating u got enough souls and CB for activating Vortex's megablast, and you got BFD in RG circle,
the condition is
1. your opponent -3 RG,
2. you got a 12k without-boost vanguard
3. you got a 19k without-boost rear-guard.

this is condition 1, which 70% happens to me, if not, it should be

you soulcharged enough either with lv 1 and 2 palemoons, or vortex/robert's effect,
but somehow you dont manage to get the 5 damages open.
Ride! Blazing Flare Dragon!
put another BFD in RG circle, and use BFD in VG circle effect, Soulblast 5 and destroy 1 of opponent's RG.
both of your BFDs are pumped depends on how much RG u've destroyed :)

the use of kinnara, Gatling-claw Dragon is usually used in turn 3, when u already ride a Kagero Vanguard. Kinnala to kills many lvl 1 badd-asses like Duddley dan, the 8k vanilla booster, some laurel or aermo, the gojo-things, and many other :D,

and gatling claw to kill : wingal braves, barcgals, seed squires, mecha trainers, and many more :)

High-Speed blacky is to maximilized the unused souls! get a 14k attackers and go back to deck!
a hit and run beatstick!

the Triggers line-up is inspired by Freedom-duo posts about triggers playing.
it makes your opponent thinks twice about what and how much your triggers are.

and overall view of this decks

+ you can easily megablast if you can handle damages carefully
+ you can get 2 19k without-boosted RG
+ you can use many kind of Triggers
+ fun playing
+ a not-too-high-budget deck

- soulcharges suck
- don't ride Vortex or Robert in time
- no perfect defense or null
- Triggers may not activated because many of the clans included in the deck
- low power -RG and VG (9k and 10k)

any questions and any comments will be gratefully welcomed :)

That's all for today,

Hope you get a better experience in Cardfight!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hi everyone! it has been a long time since i open this blog.

Finally i decide to make an Facebook group

you can search it, at  Aeons Guild  :D

see you there~ XD


Monday, May 30, 2011

Regarding Dueling Network~

hi everyone~!
it's nice to meet you again~ ^^-

yeah.. as shown at the title of the post, now i have an ID at Dueling Network~!!
come play with me if you want~ xD
my ID is Hanekuribo

see you guys at Dueling Network~

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Thanks to you that our blog has reached the 10.000 blog counters~ ^^

i'm sorry if there's no interesting post because many of us are busy with playing the DoTa (Defense of The Ancients) lol~

and many of us are busy too with playing the WoW Trading Card Game and Weiss Schwarz~ -.-a

see you later~ ^^-

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hongkong and(or) Macau..

Readers from Hongkong and(or) Macau readers, I will make a visit starting from 26th of June for about 4 days. I would like to know where can I find the cardshops in both Hongkong and Macau, or Konami Card Centre in Hongkong. Also, if you want, we can play for awhile or even trade :)
Do send me an email if you have any info regarding the matters above, or simply just comment down below.

Thank You

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finally, an Idea...

If, and this is only IF, the information for Grapha, Dragon Lord of the Dark World is accurate, then maybe the Fabled will have a new thing to play, using the normal Grimlo, Cerberal, Raven, Ganashia, and Chawa, but with an improved Dark World engine.

Even though Grapha is just another beatstick, it adds to the 'push' for an OTK with Ancient holy wyvern.